PRS HELP ACADEMY is a nonprofit project organized by an open individual residing students from International Universities and volunteers from different backgrounds in Malaysia. It primary focus is to Help and Prepare underprivileged Students who can't have access to Standard Education and are willing to continue to higher education after Community school or individual studies background regardless of RACE, ETHNICITY and RELIGION. PRS help academy provide the necessary required qualifications to students by “Training” them to meet Universities entrance requirements in Educational background check.(English, SPM, IGCSE. etc..).
    PRS promises to give its “FULL Recommendation Letter” upon completion of the course with the aim to HELP (underprivileged students) in application to the Universities after compliton of IGCSE .Yet! PRS is not responsible for the Hosting Universities’ Decision upon its entrance result (the final result sorely relies on the applicant and the hosting universities).