Questions & Answers

    Q. what is PRS ?
    A. PRS is a nonprofit project designed to prepare underprivileged (Refugees/asylum seekers) to achieve qualification for entry to international Universities in Future. The project focuses on “Training” the potential students to meet Universities entrance requirements in Educational background check upon entry. (English, SPM, IGCSE. etc..)PRS itself is a project with a team and it does not have based organization. It is a free running project and can be operated by any organization/communities with PRS team.
    Q. Who are in PRS?
    A. An ongoing student team from International Universities and volunteers from NGOs and individuals
    Q. What is a full recommendation letter mean?
    A. A full recommendation letter is a letter to recommend a student with his/her application to desired hosting universities. A full recommendation letter includes, a certificate of complication, a transcript and performance record and e-verified Identification record.
    Q. What is e-verified Identification?
    A. e-verified identification is an application of your records during PRS program and uploaded to a website with student Individual ID Number. This can be checked by university interviewer for verification purpose and reach PRS at any time for enquiries.
    Q. Do we need to pay for PRS?
    A. The PRS project is free of charge. However, the partnering organization is allowed to apply a few amount of charges when necessary (maintenance purpose .etc). You may check with the partnering organization in details. But PRS do not charge any.
    Q. Can I fail during PRS courses?
    A. PRS will lecture/teach you the necessary knowledge requirements to attain higher education level. Thus, you have to pass all the tests provided by PRS courses. If not, you may have a resit until you pass the test.
    Q. What to expect during PRS courses?
    A. Student can expect to be taught with subjects that are required for higher education level. Math, physics, chemistry, English, biology etc.
    Q. Can I choose the subjects?
    A. PRS project is designed to meet the requirement of hosting Universities. Thus, you are not allowed to choose the subjects unless for specific targeted university requirements. ie. fields of interest may let you choose the subjects. For any other question; please email us at or partnering Organization.